Taking action on global inequalities & gender and racial discriminations through cultural projects

Photography by Simon Munoz

About Shapshap

SHAP SHAP is a non-profit organisation created in 2015 in Geneva to fight against global inequality and racial and gender-based discrimination through cultural projects. Active in diverse sectors such as culture, equality, diversity and international solidarity, SHAP SHAP is an independent structure creating synergies between these domains to contribute to a better world.

Founded with values such as solidarity which have been central to the history of Switzerland and Geneva, SHAP SHAP is based on international conventions to get rid of all forms of discrimination, the Universal Declaration of human rights as well as the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDG).

SHAP SHAP collaborates with artists and scholars from Geneva and many countries in Africa and South America to offer a hybrid form of creative, diffusion, research and exchange activities under multiple formats such as performances, concerts, DJ sets, street art, public meetings, publications, studies, roundtables, residencies.

These activities aim to:

- Reinforce the artistic, social, political and economic status of artists from the global South[1], outside of formal networks and/or from minority groups, and who must be supported to produce work and emerge on local and international scenes;

- Fight against gender-based inequality, racial discrimination and social and economic injustice;

- Reach out to the greater public, cultural structures and public institutions in Geneva and partner countries with interconnected micro and macro issues with regards to gender, racism, culture, education, economics, human rights and globalisation;

- Foster exchanges and dialogue.

What drives SHAP SHAP is the assertion of a “multiplicity of worlds” as described by Colombian anthropologist Arturo Escobar[2]. It pushes us to think collectively about a balanced globalised world guaranteeing equal opportunities for all as well as diversity in terms of bodies, narratives and aesthetics in cultural spaces and society in general.

Since its inception, SHAP SHAP has developed many partnerships with artists, cultural and public institutions in Switzerland and in multiple countries in the global South, notably with the Antigel festival in Geneva for the development of the AFRICA, WHAT’S UP? Programme. These partnerships have already supported many artists and generated advocacy against global inequalities and discriminations, in the increasingly interested media in particular.

[1] Artists from Africa, South America, and their diasporas
[2] Thinking-Feeling with the Earth. Arturo Escobar. © Routledge 2019